The Joy of Music Instruction

The school year started off with a bang in my house—or should I say a high-pitched SQUEAK!

It seems that many schools think the fourth grade is an excellent year to teach kids to play an instrument. Not only did my son get introduced to band instruments during the first few weeks of school, but only two weeks after he joined the after-school band program, he came home with the dreaded recorder. My neighbors love me.

All joking aside, learning to play an instrument is a valuable skill for all kids to learn. It teaches dedication, perseverance and lots and lots of patience—for both the children and the parents.

Looking to introduce your kids to the joy of music instruction? Try these books for tips on getting them interested in music, picking the right instrument and getting them to practice, practice, practice:

Those Amazing Musical Instruments: Introduces young students to the instrument families that make up an orchestra, explains why they are placed in each section and gives a brief history of each instrument in the family.

A Young Person's Guide to Music: Gives a more in-depth look at music in general and how the instrument families fit into musical genres.

Musical Instruments for Children: Just how do you know which instrument is right for your child? Take a tour of the musical families with this simple guide. Learn how expensive an instrument is, how easy it is to learn, how much it weighs and much more.

Music Lessons: This practical guide to helping parents and children enjoy learning an instrument includes advice on when and how to start music lessons, how to get and keep kids practicing, and what to do when your child says, "I want to quit!"