Kids, Dance Along to Chicago Music Festivals

Who loves a music festival? I love a music festival! My favorite part of music festivals is that you can see so many performances in a short span of time. Lots of bands and musicians love to play for audiences, especially audiences that dance, bob their heads and sing along.

You don't have to be a musician to enjoy a great performance though! These books are all about the joy of performing to a good crowd, which anyone can join.

Will the Major Eights slay at the Battle of the Bands? Keyboard player Melody thinks so and signs them up without even checking with her bandmates. Will she convince them to perform so they can wow the crowd and maybe even win?

The Sweetest Sound: Cadence doesn't share much with anyone, especially since her mother left 3 years ago to follow her dream of singing professionally. But when she finally shares a video of her beautiful voice with the choir director, it goes viral. Will she figure out a way to share her talent in person?

The First Rule of Punk: Malú is stuck moving to Chicago with her mom and leaving her dad's record store behind for two years. How she share her punk way of life? By making zines and starting a band, of course!

Generation Misfits: Millie doesn't know how to make friends at school after a lifetime of homeschooling until she finds J-Club and her fellow J-pop lovers. When they create their own tribute band for the Pop Showcase, they wind up learning a lot more about friends than J-pop.

Drum Roll, Please: A musical summer camp? Yes, please! Except Melly is not feeling great after her parents told her they were getting divorced right before dropping her off. Luckily she can channel her energy into a lot of new situations at camp, including auditioning and performing.

Check out Chicago's amazing free music festivals all summer long, fun for families and people of all ages! Chicago Gospel Music Festival and Chicago House Music Festival kick off the summer. Then check out the Chicago Blues Festival. Finish up summer by enjoying the Chicago Jazz Festival.