A Summer Playlist of Books for Kids

Playlists are one great way to listen to songs you love! I love making playlists of songs for all sorts of different reasons--for rainy days or sunny days, for happy times and sad times. 

These books are all about different kinds of music that even the youngest kids can explore.

The Roots of Rap: Explore the four pillars of rap--graffiti, break dancing, rapping/MCing and DJing--through this book that's got all the rhythm of your favorite rap songs. Plus it showcases some rap greats, including some fabulous female MCs from the 90s.

If you're hungry, join Auntie Nina and her nephew for some Jazz for Lunch. Enjoy food and music filled with soul and swing, stuff that pops and sizzles. You'll feed your soul and learn about some jazz musicians in this colorful title.

Canta wants to rock! She finds a guitar in the trash and gets help to fix it up. It takes a little bit more than just a guitar to turn her into a rock star, but she persists to become La Guitarrista!

Yellow Dog Blues: Poor Bo Willie has the blues when he finds his yellow dog is gone. With help from his aunt, he explores all sorts of old blues music and blues haunts on the hunt for his blues-loving hound.

When you open this book, you'll be drawn into This Magical, Musical Night with the orchestra. Get introduced to each of the amazing sections, from strings to woodwinds, and see where they transport you.

For another kind of playlist, check out CHIRP Radio's special CPL playlist on Spotify! It features songs by Chicago artists from a wide variety of genres.