Gospel Greats

Chicago’s Gospel Fest is June 1, 2024. Celebrate by discovering gospel performers and musicians and the things that make this musical genre special.

Isn't Her Grace Amazing! by Cheryl Wills is a tribute to powerfully talented women who overcame racism and sexism to leave their mark on gospel music.

In Mahalia Jackson and the Black Gospel Field, Mark Burford chronicles the life of black gospel music history’s most esteemed figure.

I Was Born This Way is the spiritual journey of Carl Bean, an openly gay founder of the Unity Fellowship Church, who went from being a disadvantaged foster youth to the leader of a 12-city ministry.

The Fan Who Knew Too Much by Anthony Heilbut contains the story of how Aretha Franklin was influenced by the likes of Mahalia Jackson and changed performing for women of all races.

In her book Believe for It, CeCe Winans uses her music and her life to pass her faith along.

Let Freedom Swing is Howard Reich’s reflections on jazz, blues and gospel.

Touched by God is Bobby Jones’s collection of the stories of twenty African-American gospel singers and how God changed their lives.

What music inspires you?