Books for Cat Lovers

Celebrate National Cat Day on October 29 and all year round with these cat reads about all things feline.

Cat Ownership

Cats written by Gina Spadafori provides all you need to care for your cat.

Choose your perfect companion with the help of The Complete Cat Breed Book, which outlines breeds from ancient to modern hybrid.

The tips Dusty Rainbolt has to offer in Kittens will help you choose the right kitten to fit your lifestyle as well as information on where to get your kitten from.

Philosophy and Humor

John Gray’s Feline Philosophy waxes philosophical about what cats reveal about humans’ relationship to themselves and to the world.

I Could Pee on This is a humorous feline-themed poetry collection compiled by Francesco Marciuliano.

Training and Relationships

A Street Cat Named Bob is James Bowen’s account of the feline friendship that changed him forever.

Indoor Cat by Laura Moss explains how to give your housebound feline an active and stimulating life.

In Purr, Todd Zazie explains how to help keep cats happy and healthy by utilizing what matters most to them.

Jackson Galaxy has written a guide to show us how to understand cat instincts and behavior, called Total Cat Mojo.

Do you have a favorite cat resource or book? Let us know in the comments.