Must Love Dogs (and Cats and Goats)

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, fall in love and spend time with a four-legged friend. And this May, in celebration of National Pet Month, why not partake in all three? Enjoy these romance books with animal sidekicks.

Love a good enemies-to-lovers story? In I Hate You More, Ruby was ready to say goodbye to her pageant life, but is willing to get an *ahem* lovably lazy pup through their first dog show before calling it quits for good. If only she knew she'd be saying hello to veterinarian Spencer, one of the dog show judges who clearly thinks Ruby is not up to the task.

Simon and Jack are both dog-people more than they are people-people. When Jack breaks his leg and uses the PetShare app to find someone to help care for his collection of pets, Simon is his match - in more ways than one. Better Than People explores the bond people form when bonding over animals.

Sloan is still reeling two years after losing her fiance, but the sudden appearance of a trouble-maker dog starts to turn her mood around. That is, until weeks later she learns that Jaxon, the dog's owner (and also an incredibly popular musician), is back from a phone-free Australian tour and wants his dog back. Read about Sloan, Jaxon and a dog named Tucker in The Happy Ever After Playlist.

Settle in for a slow burn romance set on a farm. Erin, burned out on life and love and sent to detox at an off-the-grid community, meets Mel, a woman healing from her own past pain. Can they find a way to move forward together? Find out in After the Summer Rain.

Do you have a favorite romance featuring a pawsitively cute friend? Let us know in the comments.