Get Crafty: Refresh Your Closet With These Sewing Books

March is National Craft Month! I started getting into crafting in 2020 and have found it to be a hobby that gives me confidence to try new things and keeps my hands busy while I'm listening to an audiobook or binging a TV show. And while many crafts can be for decorative purposes, crafting can also come in handy if you need a wardrobe update but don't want to buy all new clothes.

Below, check out some recommended books to refresh your closet the crafty way.

I love the designs in The Embroidered Closet by Alexandra Stratkotter, as well as her practical tips for embroidering on various materials. The ideas and patterns can be applicable to any apparel type, from bandanas to dresses to blazers.

In Joyful Mending, Noriko Misumi focuses on finding beautiful and fun ways to mend rips, tears or other blemishes in your clothes, otherwise known as visible repairs. With this book, you'll come for the mending techniques and stay for the mending consultation examples and useful and whimsical illustrations. A joy to read and learn from.

If you want ways to spruce up your clothes without applying needle and thread directly, I highly recommend Tiny Stitches by Irem Yazici. This book focuses on creating buttons, patches, pins and more. You'll learn how to embroider tiny patterns and apply them to accents that will zhuzh up any outfit.

Make, Thrift, Mend by Katrina Rodabaugh shows readers how to "mend, patch, dye, and alter clothing" to create a sustainable wardrobe. Rodabaugh works to promote the slow fashion movement that defies the volume of clothing produced by fast fashion. If you're interested in learning more about slow fashion, this is a great book to start with.

We have plenty of other crafty blog posts to check out if you're seeking more inspiration. Do you have a favorite crafting or mending book? Share with us in the comments!