Thanksgiving Foods and How They Ended Up on Your Table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and one of the things I am thankful for is all the yummy food we have to eat and all the people who help bring the food to the table. Here are some books that remind us of where our Thanksgiving food comes from.

We frequently think of a farm as being out in the country. But Will Allen, founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has done amazing work with urban gardening. Read all about what he’s done for gardening and the community in Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table.

While you’re remembering things you’re thankful for, be sure to mention the farmers and workers. Thank a Farmer traces all the foods that a family eats for a meal and reminds us of where they can be found. From salads to syrup, farmers provide us with many of our best Thanksgiving dishes.

A Seed in the Sun follows Lula as she works with her family harvesting grapes during the 1960s. Lula works very hard and when she meets various labor rights activists, she realizes she may need to join the cause. This book really captures some of the hardships of working on a farm and how people have worked to improve the working conditions there.

Perhaps you are baking something for your Thanksgiving meal this year. If you have questions about how baking works, check out Ada Twist, Scientist: The Science of Baking. This book in The Why Files series really explains what goes into baking and how to get the best results for your Thanksgiving meal.