Turkeys Say “Please Don’t Gobble, Gobble Us!”

If you ask a group of preschoolers what Thanksgiving is all about, they will happily shout, "Turkey!" Most of us love a tender, juicy bird as the centerpiece of our holiday table.

This year, try to see things from the turkey's view of the table. For the turkeys in these playful picture books, Thanksgiving means just one word: RUN!

Following the rhythmic pattern of the classic poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas," 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving tells the story of a class field trip to Mack Nugget's turkey farm. The comically named turkeys inspire the students to save their lives for a Thanksgiving none of them will forget. Dav Pilkey's bright watercolor illustrations are full of action that just may inspire you to befriend a turkey this year.

In Eve Bunting's A Turkey for Thanksgiving, Mrs. Moose tells Mr. Moose, "Everyone has a turkey for Thanksgiving. Everyone but us." Mr. Moose wants to make his wife happy, so he sets out with some woodland friends to get a turkey for their Thanksgiving table. Friendship wins the day with a funny ending that does not involve Turkey becoming dinner.

A young boy creates hand print turkeys using all sorts of craft materials and imagines they come to life, but Foxy the fox thinks they would make a great dinner. How can the boy save his creations? Find out in Setting the Turkeys Free by W. Nikola-Lisa. Then use Ken Wilson-Max's lively illustrations as inspiration for a fun Thanksgiving art project with your favorite little turkeys.