Teen Books Inspired by Frankenstein

Two hundred years ago, 20-year-old Mary Shelley published her horror classic, Frankenstein. Since then, countless authors have gained inspiration from her novel. Here are few of the best reimaginings of her masterpiece for teens.

In This Dark Endeavor, teen Victor Frankenstein searches for the Elixir of Life to cure his twin brother's illness. Be sure to read the sequel, Such Wicked Intent.

This Dark Endeavor is available in other formats.

Such Wicked Intent is available in other formats.

Another excellent teen horror series, Megan Shepherd's Madman's Daughter trilogy, ends with A Cold Legacy, based on Shelley's book. Juliet Moreau discovers that her benefactor, Elizabeth, is holding her ancestor Victor Frankenstein's documents on her Scottish estate.

A Cold Legacy is available in other formats.

Mary Shelley lived an even more fascinating life than her creation Victor Frankenstein and his monster. If you want to read fiction about her, try Hideous Love and Angelmonster

Hideous Love is available in other formats.

What's your favorite version of Frankenstein?

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