Teen Fresh Takes on Classic Tales

Classics are classics for a reason – they offer readers stories that remain meaningful and relatable, even decades or centuries after they were first told. It's fun to return to a classic tale, but it’s even more enjoyable to reimagine an old story in a new way. Enjoy these fresh takes on classic books and stories.

Seven years ago, Tress Montor’s parents disappeared while driving her best friend, Felicity Turnado, home from a sleepover. Felicity supposedly remembers nothing and has a perfect, popular life while Tress is maligned for living at the Amontillado Animal Sanctuary with her alcoholic grandfather. The Initial Insult is a thrilling retelling of "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe, in which Tress’ hard pursuit of truth endangers Felicity’s life.

Eury was just a child when Ato, a spirit, attached himself to her. Initially, Ato helped her cope with loneliness and loss, but over time he became possessive and violent. Now displaced from Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, Eury escapes to her cousin’s home in the Bronx – but Ato follows. Pheus is looking forward to an easy summer, singing and playing guitar on the beach with his friends. He’s not prepared to fall for an introspective and spiritual girl like Eury. Never Look Back is a heart-wrenching update of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

In this dark reimagining of Alice in Wonderland, Alice hides her life as a Dreamwalker – one who protects the world from monsters called Nightmares – from her overprotective mother. When her mentor is poisoned, Alice must make a perilous journey through Wonderland to save him and, eventually, herself. A Blade So Black is a story for fans of the surreal and imaginative.

Rahma al-Hud joined the forces in Akko solely to protect her sister, Zeena, who insisted on running off to fight in the Crusades. Akko has fallen, and the siblings’ captain ordered them to flee and save their own lives, but they face a perilous journey through enemy territory. This Robin Hood retelling follows Rahma as she utilizes her thieving skills and cleverness to gather a motley crew of Travelers Along the Way and turn the tide of war.