Staying Positive…You Can Do It!

positvity in your hands
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It's hard not to get sucked into the mental drama we self-create or that we get dragged into from friends, family, or even coworkers. Being negative is sometimes, unfortunately, easier then to find ways or methods to work through the bad to find some good. And, the good is there, trust me. I used to think that you were either born with a positivity gene, or you weren't. But, the truth is it's a habit to cultivate and work on, just like anything else you want to work and practice on in life. You can build up your skills to be positive, take things day-by-day, and embrace feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Admittedly, I have lapses from time to time, so I have some go-to books to help move me forward to remind me what I sometimes forget.


The Power of Positive Thinking


Hardwiring Happiness

Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain

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