#TBT: Star Wars Premieres in May 1977

The year was 1977. Jimmy Carter was president, the first Apple II computers were on the market, disco was at its peak, and punk music from the Ramones, Sex Pistols and Elvis Costello was challenging conventional norms.

Then, a pop culture phenomenon was born: Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope was released on May 25. For this Throwback Thursday, let's look at how the hero's journey about the power of good and evil became a timeless tale that connects generations.

For many adults, the continuing popularity of George Lucas' Star Wars means we get to share the love with younger generations. My husband, Mark, shares his passion for Star Wars with our two kids, re-living his own childhood experiences and passing down some of the many toys he's collected. Oh so many, many toys. Jeffrey Brown chronicles his experience with this in his fun series of comic books that are easily identifiable for anyone with children, or not:

Vader's Little Princess

Darth Vader and Son

Goodnight Darth Vader

In addition to those, we've got Star Wars books for all ages.

Another fun family activity is looking at some of the original movie reviews from 1977:

And, of course, sharing memories is another way to take part in this intergenerational exchange. Mark was not yet 3 when he saw the movie in the theater, but he remembers the awe the storyline inspired, as well as the amazing music by John Williams. Perhaps, like Mark, you could hear the music anywhere and immediately know what scene was happening in the movie? The American Film Institute ranks this soundtrack as No. 1 for best film scores. You can hear it on Star Wars Trilogy.

Although a lot has changed in 40 years, Star Wars has always brought people together to celebrate, talk, debate and share their experiences. So happy 40th to this amazing series! May the force be with you, today and always!