Stepping Into Your Self Confidence

Looking for some motivation this season? Check out these inspirational books that give you the confidence to be authentically you and have the life that you want. Step into your power and own who you are, wherever you go.

By now, we have probably all heard the popular phrase “law of attraction.” In his book Michael J. Losier breaks down what the Law of Attraction is in simple terms. By shifting one’s mindset and setting positive intentions, it can change one’s reality. Following our intuition, which is a natural navigation guide for our life, helps to create a life that is unique and satisfying while also catering to our individual needs. If you are interested in this book, you may also like the book Law of Connection also written by Michael J. Losier, but independent of the Law of Attraction. With this book, you are able to learn your communication style, thus enhancing relationships in all areas of your life, both personal and professional. 

In the book Quiet, author Susan Cain takes us on a sociological road trip, as we explore the terms “introvert” and “extrovert.” Cain explores the differences and expresses how solidarity and solitude allows some of the world’s most profound people to achieve their greatest work. Despite popular opinion, we all have a bit of extroversion and introversion in us. Dive into this book to get a deeper understanding of the world that we can sometimes see as just black and white.

Described in illustration, cartoonist Maureen Wilson shares her expertise of introversion in Positively Introverted. Comical and advice-driven, she explores the many ways that introverts can thrive in a world without comprising their own.

What’s the secret to healing from the past and being optimistic about the future? The answer is living and being present in the now. Spiritual guru and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle explores teachings from his popular bestseller Practicing the Power of Now and implements them into this book of practice. He guides us into having a path of enlightenment and into the next step of human evolution.