Siblings On Screen

April 10, 2014 is National Siblings Day, and there have been a number of these sticky relationships depicted with finesse on the silver screen. Check out these titles for a peek into the secret world of siblings.

Your Sister's Sister: Indie directress Lynn Shelton employs her minimalist mumblecore techniques to maximum effect in this contemporary look at Iris and Jack, best friends who harbor deep feelings for each other, and Iris's sister Hannah who causes complications. Taking place over one weekend at a cabin, this movie mines the drama of human relationships with keen observational realism.

Dogtooth: Those more interested in exploring the macabre may enjoy this bizarre Greek family drama about siblings. Isolated in a rural area, these teens grow up only knowing the specific vocabulary and ideas the parents teach them about the world, and are told they can only venture outside when they lose a dogtooth. The system of control in the film may be construed as deranged or a political metaphor, but any way you read it, it's both disturbing and fascinating.

Meet Me in St. Louis: On a lighter note, fans of classic musicals will enjoy this stunning entry by Vincente Minelli, starring Judy Garland in her prime. The songs and lush cinematography are unforgettable, as is the relationship between three siblings as they navigate challenges from first crushes to potentially losing their home in the year before the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

What are your favorite movies about sibling relationships?