Sneak Peek of “Southeast: A City Within A City” with Steven Walsh

Enjoy a sneak peek of the forthcoming film, “Southeast: A City Within A City” followed by a discussion with filmmaker Steven Walsh. The Southeast side of Chicago is an often overlooked and stigmatized neighborhood of the city, blocked by an overcast of misguided interpretation. Walsh’s mission is to shed light on his stigmatized neighborhood through his upcoming documentary, bringing together soldiers, scholars, gangsters, musicians and politicians from the Southeast side’s past and present. This is more than just history; this is a hands-on exploration of what it felt like to live here. See how the streets were then, and how they've evolved to what they are now.

Steven Walsh is a storyteller, breaking the stigmas of his Southeast Chicago upbringing and breaking ground in uncharted creative territory. The new kid on the production scene, Walsh has made the climb up from rather humble beginnings, defied stereotypes, and emerged as a Johns Hopkins Graduate and two-time Emmy award-winning producer. He is the founder of Lucid Creative Agency and his concentrations are in education, writing, directing, and producing.

This event is co-sponsored by CPL's Latinx Cultural Committee.