Quiz: How Well Do You Know Studio Ghibli Movies?

Studio Ghibli movies can be visual comfort food or heart-wrenching tearjerkers, which is perhaps why so many people love them! Test your Studio Ghibli knowledge with this quiz by bloggers Alenka, Jessica, Justin, Dana, Amy, Amy and Rae. Tell us in the comments if we mention your favorite film!

Which film was Studio Ghibli’s first official production?
Which actor from the newest Star Wars trilogy also voiced a protagonist in a Studio Ghibli film?
Which Studio Ghibli film was NOT directed by Hayao Miyazaki?
Which Studio Ghibli film does NOT include human-like animal characters?
Which Studio Ghibli character is featured in the studio’s logo?
Which author adapted the movie script for Princess Mononoke?
Which Studio Ghibli film is based on The Little Mermaid?
Which Studio Ghibli film’s protagonist is a World War I veteran?
Which Studio Ghibli film is based on a Diana Wynne Jones novel?
Which of the following Studio Ghibli films is the director’s original work?
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