Quiz: How Well Do You Know Teen Musicians?

In 1977, NASA sent an album into space so aliens could listen to humanity’s greatest hits. This "Golden Record" is over 40 years old, so if an inquisitive extraterrestrial were to ask you about teen musicians from this century, how well could you answer their questions? Test your knowledge of teen musicians with our quiz!

Which Chicago rapper recorded his debut album 10 Day at CPL’s YOUmedia teen space?
Which singer/songwriter recorded the song "Ocean Eyes" in 2015 when she was 13 and won five Grammys for her album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? when she was 18?
Who sang the song “Reflection” in the Disney animated film Mulan when she was 17?
Which teen star was NOT born in Canada?
Daya won a Grammy for the song “Don’t Let Me Down,” recorded with which musical duo when she was 17?
Eyes Wide Open singer Sabrina Carpenter acted in which film based on a teen novel?
Which singer starred in the Disney Channel TV movie Camp Rock as a teen?
Before playing Rachel Berry on Glee, Lea Michele originated the role of Wendla in what 2006 rock musical about 19th century German teens?
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If you could send a new Golden Record into space on behalf of NASA, what teen musicians would you include?