Quiz: How Well Do You Know the CTA?

Are you a transit maven? Find out with our quiz from bloggers SarahE and Municipal Reference Guy, who are librarians in the Municipal Reference Collection at Harold Washington Library Center.

The Chicago Transit Authority traces its origins back to 1859. What is the oldest transit line?
When is heat available in shelters at certain CTA stations and bus stops?
One of the longest trips you can take using the CTA is from O’Hare Airport (5400 North, 11200 West) to Hegewisch (13700 South, 2700 East). How many paid transfers does this trip require on a weekday?
We're anticipating a subway World Series next year. Which 'L' line connects both ballparks?
The Chicago Transit Authority serves Chicago and how many suburbs?
What is the CTA’s busiest station?
Which of these diagonal streets does not have CTA bus service?
What is the longest CTA bus route?
Chicago’s Rapid Transit system had special cars in the early 20th century for all of these except:
CTA refers to its entire train system as the ‘L.' But what percentage of the 'L' is actually elevated?
Chicago streetcars have been propelled by all of the following except:
What is the maximum speed allowed for 'L' trains?
The CTA uses 48-foot cars with two doors on each side. Most other cities use much longer cars with three or four doors on each side. Why is this?
After the Chicago Transit Authority was formed in 1947, it acquired the assets of all of the following companies except:
At one time there was a band named Chicago Transit Authority. The band issued its first album in 1969. What was the name of the album?
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