Quiz: How Well Do You Know Stephen King?

It's a good year for Stephen King fans. Carrie, the first Stephen King film adaptation, came out over 40 years ago, and Hollywood keeps turning back to his prolific catalog for inspiration. King adaptations are so hot right now with The Dark Tower hitting the big screen this week and the much-hyped It remake coming out in early September.

Sure, you've seen Carrie, and It still has you scared of clowns, but just how well do you know Stephen King? I've written a few questions to test your knowledge of his work and his personal life. Come on. Give it a try. You're not scared...are you?

Where are most of Stephen King's books set?
What is the pen name King used for several of his novels?
Which of the following titles has NOT been adapted for film or television?
Which popular horror author is Stephen King's son?
Stephen King has written one play, a Southern Gothic musical, with which singer-songwriter?
King loves music so much, he joined a band with a rotating group of fellow authors and musicians. What’s the name of the band?
Stephen King takes pop culture pretty seriously and wrote a regular column about it for which magazine?
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