Books for the Staff of Abbott Elementary

School is in session! The staff of TV's Abbott Elementary have been making us laugh for three seasons now. Teachers, librarians and well, anyone who's ever gone to school can easily relate to the trials and tribulations of managing a school facility. Abbott Elementary not only captures the challenges teachers face, but also the hilarious workplace hijinks and office romances that can bubble up.

Let's start with the heart of Abbott, Ms. Teagues. Janine stays focused on trying to be the best educator she can be. However, she's not immune to a little drama. I think she'd love a workplace romance like Flirty Little Secret. Set in a high school, it tells the story of a guidance counselor and a history teacher who connect online. It feels like a fresh, modern version of You've Got Mail that, like Abbott Elementary, balances humor and heart. Not that Ms. Teagues would ever consider a workplace romance herself (or would she?).

And speaking of Mr. Eddie, I'd recommend The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food. First grade teacher Gregory Eddie was initially reluctant to plant roots at Abbott, but he eventually comes to be a big part of the team and reveals he has a passion for gardening. He could use this book to recruit a few more kids for his club, Gregory's Garden Goofballs.

Mrs. Barbara Howard is a talented - but old-fashioned - teacher who often serves as mentor to younger staff. She's a no-nonsense woman of faith whose patience can be tested by Janine's endless optimism. Barbara can be easily scandalized, so I'd recommend Rhonda McKnight's The Thing About Home, an inspirational story about Black family and love for a wholesome Christian lady.

Principal Ava Coleman would absolutely know what all the hottest books are on TikTok right now (#BookTok). She can sometimes appear more committed to her social media presence than the kids of Abbott, but we know she always comes around to do the right thing. She'd love a sexy read like The Right Swipe , which features a second-chance romance between a former pro-athlete and a social media mogul (did you know Principal Coleman used to date Allen Iverson?).  But of course, she'd listen to the audiobook so she can multitask. Ava's a busy woman making moves! 

Where would Abbott be without Mr. Johnson? As a dedicated school janitor, Mr. Johnson serves as the eyes and ears of the building. He also doesn't believe in the moon landing and voted for Kanye for president. Mr. Johnson is a bit of a mystery and always hilarious. Perhaps he'd read The United States of Cryptids to learn more about the Mothman or enjoy exploring the lost continent of Lemuria

There are even more staff we can't forget. What do you think tough, but lovable Ms. Schemmenti would read? How about corny "Mr. C."/Jacob Hill? Let us know in the comments what else you'd recommend for the staff (or fans) of Abbott Elementary.