Quiz: Hollywood Fathers and Sons

In honor of Father’s Day, we're paying homage to some of our favorite Hollywood fathers and sons. Find out how well you know these actors and their movies in this quiz by bloggers Ellen and Brooks.

Father and son Tom and Colin Hanks have appeared in only one film together—and it was as a father and son. Which film did they star in?
Lorenzo Lamas, star of soap operas Falcon Crest and The Bold and the Beautiful, is the son of Latin lover Fernando Lamas and which actress?
Martin Sheen and sons Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen all starred in iconic films about war. Which film did NOT star any of them?
In the Bridges family—father Lloyd and sons Beau and Jeff—only Jeff has starred in a movie written and directed by a famous pair of brothers. What’s the movie, and who are the brothers?
Actor Jonah Hill’s father is a tour accountant for which musical group?
Father and son Will and Jaden Smith have appeared in a few films together. Which film featured Jaden’s debut performance?
Father and son Kirk and Michael Douglas have earned three Academy Awards between them—Kirk won an honorary Oscar and Michael won an Oscar for producing and another for acting. Which movie did he win Best Actor for?
James Caan and son Scott Caan have both appeared in movies that were trilogies. James Caan played Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, and Scott Caan played Turk Malloy in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. There was an actor who appeared in The Godfather III and all of the Ocean’s movies. Who was it?
Father and son Bruce and Brandon Lee were both talented actors and martial artists who met untimely deaths. What movie was Brandon filming when he was tragically killed?
It’s an easy guess that comedian Ben Stiller is the son of comedian Jerry Stiller, but which actress is his equally hilarious mother?
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