Quiz: Hollywood Fathers and Sons

Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas

In honor of Father’s Day, we're paying homage to some of our favorite Hollywood fathers and sons. Find out how well you know these actors and their movies in this quiz by bloggers Ellen and Brooks.

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Happy Birthday, Julie Andrews!

Home by Julie Andrews book cover

It's hard to believe, but the ever-youthful and charming Dame Julie Andrews is celebrating her 80th birthday on October 1. Her incredible career has spanned many decades, and as the saying goes, she's not just getting older, she's getting better! I will never forget seeing her as the feisty nanny in Mary Poppins. The story of a […]

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Hurricane Katrina & Other Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina

August 29 marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the deadly storm that overwhelmed the levees of New Orleans, killing over 1,800 people and leaving $108 billion in property damage in its wake. Since that day, the city of New Orleans is synonymous with Hurricane Katrina. It is, of course, known for its incredible food like beignets at […]

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Other Stanleys!

So now that the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup AGAIN, what else is there to do besides watch hockey? Well, you can download the Cup Tracker on your mobile device and follow the whereabouts of the holy grail of hockey. This may seem extreme, but it's actually pretty fun—kind of like being a […]

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Amusement Park Fun

Ferris wheel

This is the time of year when I start thinking about packing up the family and heading to an amusement park. The lure of funnel cakes, roller coasters and log flume rides beckons me. Amusement parks have been around for centuries, with the oldest one, Dyrehausbakken—Bakken for short—located near Copenhagen in Denmark. Bakken began in […]

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Happy 75th Birthday, Stan Mikita!

Statue of Stan Mikita

Stan Mikita, who played his entire 22-year career with the Chicago Blackhawks, is turning 75 on May 20. Nicknamed Stosh, he was one of the most dynamic centers to ever play the game of hockey, scoring 541 goals and 926 assists before being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983. As a kid, […]

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Game of Thrones Returns!!

A Game of Thrones book cover

Whoo-hooo! April 12 is rapidly approaching and, along with the winter thaw, you know what that means? Yup—Game of Thrones season five returns. It's been nine months (kind of like a pregnancy) since the last episode aired and GOT fans are more than ready to see the birth of season five. CAN NOT WAIT to catch up with […]

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The Incomparable Maureen O’Hara!

Tis Herself book cover

When I think of Irish actresses, the first and foremost one that comes to mind is the incomparable Maureen O'Hara. Her red hair, fiery temper and Irish lilt to her voice captivated audiences in such films as The Quiet Man, McLintock, Miracle on 34th Street, and later in life Only the Lonely. I will always […]

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“Miracle on Ice” 35th anniversary

ice hockey skate, stick and puck

It's hard to believe, but on February 22, it will be 35 years since the historic "Miracle on Ice" game unfolded at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. As an avid hockey fan, it still boggles my mind that a bunch of college kids, led by Coach Herb Brooks, was able to beat […]

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Cheaters + Stalkers = Movies About Love Gone Wrong

Heart pincushion with pins sticking out

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that can be very stressful if you don't have a significant other in your life. Every store you go to, from CVS to Macy's, has giant red hearts, flowers, perfume and candy strategically placed to remind you that you need to buy something for your soul mate. But what […]

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