Puzzles for Breakfast, Games for Dessert

In my house, it's always game and puzzle week—word puzzles are fun to do at the breakfast table and dinner is almost always followed by a board game. National Game & Puzzle Week is an excellent time to get everyone in on the fun of puzzling their way through the day, even the youngest members of the family!

Start your day with a picture puzzle. Can You See What I See? Treasure Ship asks puzzlers to find sea creatures and precious jewelry in these beautifully complex photos.

Have some Potato Chip Puzzles with lunch! Puzzle master Winston Breen and two of his friends are sent to a riddle-filled puzzle competition. Solve puzzles alongside Winston in the book, or print puzzles from the book for even more fun.

Be an afternoon Book Scavenger! Emily and James love Book Scavenger, a book finding game with online clues, but will they solve a real-life mystery when the game creator goes missing?

After dinner, spend the Meanwhile choosing your own adventure in this game-like graphic novel that starts with what seems like a simple question—chocolate or vanilla?

Don't forget about board games! Stop by your neighborhood library to find out what board games are available for play in the library.

What's your favorite puzzle or board game?