Labor Day Picks: Organizing Against Injustice

Labor Day is more than just another day off from work or school. In fact, it is a celebration meant to honor the hard work and sacrifice of laborers who fought against unfairness within the workforce. To celebrate this holiday, we're going to take a look at the top picks that focus on organizing against injustice.

Get up and stand up for your rights! This is the lesson that Bella learns in the novel Uprising. In this polarizing page-turner, Bella works along with 500 immigrants in a factory under grueling conditions. Together, with her co-worker Yetta, the two women work to form a union and go on strike.

When facing adversity, you can either conform or fight the powers that be. No one understands this more than 17-year-old Layla Amin, the protagonist of the heart-racing novel Internment. As a young woman living in America, Layla and her family are forced into internment camps where she finds the courage to lead a revolution. 

Sometimes you don't start a revolution, but instead end up joining one. This is the case for Remy Castell, the protagonist of the enticing novel Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame. When her home planet Tundar is on the edge of extinction, her only goal is to flee with her missing friend. However, in order to find them, Remy begrudgingly joins forces with Kiran, a rogue warrior who years ago left her for dead during a mission. Together, they must work together to not only find her friend but join a revolution to save the world.

For some, books are an escape. However, Zofia believes that they are a powerful weapon to be protected. Set during World War II, The Keeper of Hidden Books tells of Zofia's fight for others to not only read but more importantly to stand against inequality. 

What Labor Day-themed books have you read lately? Let us know in the comments below.