In Case You Missed It: Great Books You May Have Missed During the Pandemic

I’m not sure about you, but I find it hard to keep up with stuff since the pandemic began. And with new books released all the time, it’s easy to skip over good ones even when there isn’t a pandemic occupying our minds! Below are some titles that came out since March 2020 that you may have missed but are worth checking out.  

If you’re into mythology and cool world-blending fantasy, Lore might be the book for you. Every seven years in modern day NYC, Greek gods come back for the week-long Agon and have to avoid being killed by mortals. Lore stopped training for the Agon after her family was murdered, but when an injured Athena shows up (a childhood friend she thought was dead), she might not have a choice but to participate. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a realistic story about friendship? Chlorine Sky follows Skyy as she tries to get out of the shadow of her (maybe former?) best friend, avoid her mean sister and find comfort in basketball and swimming. It’s her story, in verse, of finding who she is and who her true friends are. 

For a more romantic realistic story, check out Today Tonight Tomorrow. Rowan and Neil have been rivals all through high school. Rowan’s final shot at winning comes with the annual senior scavenger-hunt-style game, Howl. But they’re forced to team up, and they spend Howl learning more about each other and finding that maybe they weren’t exactly rivals after all. 

To absolutely terrify yourself, The Crossroads at Midnight should be your go-to graphic novel. This collection of stories is told in dark, sketchy illustrations and gives a glimpse into the horrors that can happen when humans and monsters cross paths late at night. It’s really visually scary, so be warned! 

Finally, make sure to educate yourself with this must-read, A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent. It’s exactly like its name implies: it’s a quick read written in a graphic/comic format and has so much vital info. It covers what consent is, how to talk about it, who can consent and when and under what circumstances, and more important things around sex and consent. Read this and arm yourself with knowledge! 

Do you have another must-read that we might have missed during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!