Royal Reads for Teens

So many readers were living for the drama of the alternate history series American Royals. Through Majesty and Rivals, we got a look at what life in America would be like had George Washington been given title of King and his family held the monarchy to present day.

After you check out how all the messiness resolves in its fourth and final book, American Royals IV: Reign, you should pick up one of these other royalty-filled reads. 

The suspenseful mystery The King Is Dead follows the UK’s first Black monarch, seventeen-year-old James. When his dad dies, he gets the crown. This throws his whole life into the spotlight and James faces publish backlash due to his race. He’s trying to keep his sexuality hidden for fear of more public criticism when his boyfriend goes missing and secrets get leaked. You’ll be rooting for James and seething at the horrible press and society that treats him so poorly.  

For something more lighthearted and fun, check out The Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. This graphic novel is full of cheesy puns – literally, the puns are about cheese. Countess Camembert does not want to marry a man but cannot get her inheritance unless she does. She decides to move, dress up as a man and rebrand as Count Camembert, only to find herself falling for passionate Princess Brie. Now she must try to keep her secret while falling in love as you fall in love with this funny and wholesome story.

Imagine not knowing your father until you’re eighteen and suddenly find out he’s Japanese royalty; you’d be Izzy from Tokyo Ever After. Izzy lived in a mostly white Californian town only to have herself thrust into the spotlight in Japan, where she doesn’t feel Japanese enough. Despite feeling like she doesn’t quite fit in wherever she goes, Izzy does her best to adapt to royal life in Japan amongst the media frenzy and the classic backstabbing family members. If, like me, you adored The Princess Diaries, you’d love this. Izzy is great and her friends shine in this story, and the second book Tokyo Dreaming is just as great.

Finally, we can't finish any royal list without mentioning the tragic and captivating story of the Romanovs. If you don’t know it, you should check out The Family Romanov for a deep dive into the history of the Russian imperial family. Daughters of A Dead Empire is a unique twist on their story. The story follows Anna (hint: Anastasia Romanov), a teen girl who travels across the countryside to escape the Bolsheviks who killed her family. She uses her family jewels to pay a proud Bolshevik girl, Evgenia, to help her. Evgenia agrees so she can use the money to get her brother medical care. You’ll be hooked by the perspectives of two young women who are on very different sides of Russian society as they witness each other’s humanity.

Let us know if you’ve loved any of these books and share your favorite royal reads in the comments below!