Hooray for Bilingual Children! ¡Celebremos a los Niños Bilingües!

Are you raising a bilingual child? October is Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month and I'm excited to have a month especially for our children! I want to raise my boys bilingually like I was.

Recent studies have shown that being bilingual is extremely beneficial for many reasons. Bilingual children have better cognitive and literacy skills, are better multi-taskers and find it easier to learn other languages. Bilingual adults also benefit. Recently it was discovered that being bilingual helps against an early onset of Alzheimer's and dementia symptoms.

¡Celebremos nuestros niños! Let's celebrate our children as we read these bilingual books.

Book Fiesta - Celebrate niños and books as you read this story in Spanish or English or BOTH! With vibrantly beautiful illustrations in each page, what's not to love?

Fire! ¡Fuego! Brave Bomberos - Join these firefighters as they rush to un fuego (fire) to save the day! Spanish is sprinkled throughout the story giving it a Spanglish touch.

Niño Wrestles the World - No opponent is a match for niño in lucha libre (wrestling), what will happen when he goes up against his hermanitas (little sisters)? My son was amazed by the story and the illustrations. I love how opponents like la Llorona and la Momia de Guanajuato give me a chance to share Mexican culture with my boys.

I frequently turn to SpanglishBaby for advice, research and a community of parents raising bilingual, or as they say "bicultural," children. The author of this blog also published the book Bilingual Is Better.