Fall Books for Teens We’ve Already Fallen for

What’s trending this fall? Yup, you got it. Social distancing. But it’s so much easier to social distance when you’re reading a good book! A good book entertains, teleports you around the world and introduces you to people of all different backgrounds. Here’s a preview of three upcoming teen books that do just that.

Watch Over Me: With Halloween around the corner, how can I not recommend Nina LaCour’s ghost story? After graduating high school, Mila moves to a remote farm where she'll teach foster children (having recently aged out of the system herself). But not only are there ghosts on the farm, Mila carries some ghosts of her own: memories and remnants of the past that refuse to leave.

God Loves Hair: 10th Anniversary Edition: Vivek Shraya's republished collection of stories about growing up queer and Hindu transcends the restrictive, Western standards of whiteness and masculinity. These are stories about boys liking boys, boys wanting to be girls (perhaps for an hour, perhaps a whole lifetime) and boys being different because of their race, their religion and the way they express themselves.

Every Body Looking: Becoming your own person, someone separate from your parents’ expectations, is hard. And it’s especially difficult for Ada, who is first-generation Nigerian-American, because her parents aren't always a positive presence. Candice Iloh’s novel-in-verse about self-discovery, trauma and liberation feels so personal, it's almost like reading someone’s diary.

What books do you have queued up for the fall? Let me know in the comments!