Evil Sister Teen Reads

Is there anything more classic than an evil sister? I love a wholesome sibling story as much as the next person, but sometimes I want something with a little more teeth. As a little twist for National Sisters Day, I’ve put together a list of teen books with all the drama, tension and excitement only sisters can bring. 

Three Dark Crowns - Three sisters, one throne. In Finnbirn, the queen is crowned from a set of triplets who must battle to the death for the honor. Each sister has trained her entire life to harness her unique magic and win the crown. Now, they must race toward the bloody finish line of their sixteenth birthday knowing that only one can survive.  

My Sister Rosa - Most big brothers are concerned with protecting their baby sisters from the world, but Che knows that his sister Rosa is predator, not prey. While his parents brush off the glimmers of trouble in Rosa’s behavior, Che sees the full scope of her young psychopathy. When his family relocates to New York City and he starts to experience a life of his own, Che will have to decide how much he will sacrifice to keep Rosa from the darkness. 

Fairest - This prequel to The Lunar Chronicles series tells the story of a troubled girl twisted into a villain by a cruel sister and her own poisonous jealousy. When Levana and Channery’s parents die, Levana knows that her vain and manipulative sister will make a terrible queen. Locked in a battle of power and hate, they will drag each other into the depths of madness.

Crown of Feathers - In a land torn already apart by two powerful sisters, Val and Veronyka must hide the magic that allows them to communicate with animals. But when Veronyka stumbles on something amazing, Val brutally betrays her - repeating the history of sister against sister. Now Veronyka must try to piece together her own life before Val can dash her dreams again.

Who are your favorite evil sisters?