Did Someone Say G-g-g-ghosts!?

Have you ever wondered what really lies beneath the home plate at Wrigley Field? Chicago's history is full of scary stories, terrible fires and hard times. If you're fascinated by the unknown, venture out and explore Chicago's haunted sites.

To start, you could stop by Graceland cemetery. Take a photograph or draw a picture of Lorado Taft's sculpture, Eternal Silence (pictured). Legend has it that if you look into the face of the statue, it will give you a vision of your own death.

Want to know about more local haunts? I recommend the folklore and haunted tales of Chicago author and historian, Ursula Bielski. She's been writing and lecturing about Chicago's supernatural folklore and the paranormal for nearly 20 years, which makes her quite an expert. Check out Chicago HauntsMore Chicago Haunts or Chicago Haunts.

For additional spooky Chicago sites, take a look at this list of guidebooks and don't forget to share your paranormal adventures in our Teen Chicago Travel Guide.

If you'd rather leave the ghost hunting to the professionals, check out the movie trailer for the new Ghostbusters coming out this summer!