Boulevards and Byways: YA Road Trips

Dreaming of an epic getaway? Check out these road trip stories and soon enough, you'll be speeding down the open highway with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

In The Museum of Intangible Things, Hannah and Zoe have never had much except for each other. So when Zoe decides she needs to get out of New Jersey, the two hop in the car and head west, leaving their old lives behind and seeking out the intangible things that make life worth living... things like happiness.

Michelle is black and living in poverty in Baltimore. Leah is white and living in a middle-class suburb. The two have only one thing in common: Buck Devereaux, the biological father who abandoned them both as children. In Don't Fail Me Now, the half-sisters must journey across the country to California to see their dying father one last time. But will they find closure or just more unanswered questions?

Want to plan your own road trip? There's no better starting point than the legendary Route 66, which originally ran from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, CA. In Weird Highway, explore all the memories of the Mother Road from roadside attractions like the World's Largest Covered Wagon to mysterious disappearances and hauntings.

Where would you like to go on a road trip?