Girl Superpower

If you loved Ms. Marvel or Squirrel Girl and you're looking for more superhero comics with girl power, try one of these awesome spin-offs and reboots from 2016.

When Dinah joins the freshly renamed rock band Black Canary as its new lead singer, her bandmates have no idea that she's really a supersonic superhero whose voice can shatter more than glass. But as the band hits the road with ninjas, aliens and government agents hot on their heels, it won't be long before they earn their reputation as the Most Dangerous Band in the World. This spin-off from DC's New 52 is only the most recent incarnation of Black Canary, who has been around since the Golden Age of Comics.

Black Canary is available in other formats.

Nine-year-old supergenius Lunella Lafayette carries the Inhuman gene that could turn her into a mutant (or worse), but she's determined to defeat it with science. Meanwhile, a gigantic red Tyrannosaurus Rex has been transported through time and space to present-day New York... and when these two pair up as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, they're going to turn the whole city upside-down! While Lunella is a new addition to the Marvel Universe, Devil Dinosaur first appeared in his own comic in 1978, accompanied by a furry humanoid creature called Moon-Boy.

What's your favorite reimagining of a classic or forgotten superhero?