Books and Beats Inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade: Magical YA Fiction

This post is the second in the series Books and Beats Inspired by Beyoncé's Lemonade.

If you still can't stop talking about Lemonade, you're not alone. Beyoncé's latest album is a pop music masterpiece, packed with star-studded cameos; eclectic samples of poetry, historic speeches and home videos; killer fashion and a distinct aesthetic. Love the way the style of Lemonade cycled between past, present and future in a way that evoked magical realism tinged with Afrofuturism? Explore those worlds in these books:

Akata Witch is the story of Sunny Nwazue, born in America to Nigerian-born parents. Sunny couldn't be more different from her classmates with her American upbringing and albino skin THEN she discovers she has magic powers. Throw a serial killer into the mix and read on to find out what happens next.

The Steep & Thorny Way will lead you back to Prohibition-Era Oregon. Hannalee Denney's father is haunting the crossroads where he was mowed down by a drunk driver, or was he? Hannalee is out for answers and revenge all while dodging the Ku Klux Klan.

The Summer Prince will propel you forward to the futuristic, pyramid-encased Brazilian city Palmares Tres. Beautiful, privileged artist June Costa uses her talents to incite rebellion when she and her best friend Gil grow close to Enki, the Summer Prince, a beautiful young man sentenced to die at year's end.

These titles and more are included in my list of Magical YA Fiction Starring African and African American Women.

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