Scary Reads – for Me and the Middle School Crowd

Dragon shadow puppet in the forest

Calling all 'fraidy cats!  I know it's October, traditionally the time when people cuddle up under warm blankets to watch scary movies, read scary books and dress up in scary costumes. If you scare easily, like me, then you know it can also be an unnerving time. Just thinking about some of those gory movies […]

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Trick or Treat Walk with Mount Greenwood Branch

The Mount Greenwood Branch will be participating in the Trick or Treat walk sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. The walk takes place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, October 31. Stop by the branch for some book treats and maybe something sweet!

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It’s Easy to DIY Halloween

Black cat with jack-o-lanterns

I love everything about fall—from the changing leaves to the crisp temperatures to the holidays. And I especially love October because I can’t wait for Halloween. It is the one time of year when it’s OK for you to be just a little bit crazy and over the top. I like to make Halloween my own, […]

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Surrender the sandals!

I am in total denial about the changing of the seasons. I know the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and taffy apples and candy corn are in the aisles of the local grocery store - not to mention the Christmas lights and candy canes. These are all signs that summer is ending and fall has […]

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TNT Paranormal Investigators to Visit Gage Park Branch

featured image

The Gage Park Branch will host TNT Paranormal Investigators at 1 p.m. Saturday, November 9. The investigators will explain what they do, talk about different types of hauntings and share photos from investigations they've done. What spooky encounters have you had? Come to Paranormal 101 to share!

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Little Village Branch Says Goodbye to a Month of Spooky Fun

Picture of a Monster Shaker Craft

Here at the Little Village Branch, we’ve just closed out a month of holiday scares and fun-filled family events! All month long, our Halloween and Dia de los Muertos displays have educated students and parents about these cherished holidays. Designed by library staff and a group of especially creative volunteers, these displays combined amazing information […]

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Celebrating Halloween at South Chicago Branch

featured imagefeatured image

The South Chicago Branch recently hosted a great Halloween party! Around 50 children and 25 adults joined us for stories, games and prizes. Next week we'll be featured on the front page of The Chicago Independent Bulletin. We cannot wait for next year's event!

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American Girl Book Discussion at West Chicago Avenue Branch

The West Chicago Avenue Branch hosted an elementary book discussion on Thursday, October 24. We had 17 participants and five parents in attendance. We discussed what we read Meet Molly, An American Girl and then had a Halloween party. This was the fifth installment in our American Girl series.

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Horror Films for the Jaded

Haunted house with tree in front

Every fall at the first whiff of mulled cider I get excited about the prospect of the season's new crop of horror movies. “Prepare to be scared!” states the promotional poster of one. “Simply terrifying!” intones the voiceover on the trailer of another. However, as horror film aficionados well know, it is the rare film that lives up […]

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The Right Amount of Fright: Scary Books for Young Children

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons,_Sanok_2012.JPG

  Young readers are often as fascinated by the macabre as older kids, and it can be a challenge to find scary books that aren't too unsettling. Here are some suggestions:   In A Dark, Dark Wood  leads readers from a spooky forest into a mysterious house, building suspense until a pop-up ghost surprises them […]

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