Scary Stories to Read in the Dark for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner. The air is getting colder. The nights are getting longer. This is the best time to curl up with some scary stories. And what better way to count down to Halloween than reading a spooky book right before going to sleep? There's no shortage of scary stories for kids, but these are the ones I found most bone-chilling!

Start with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which includes some very old tales from around the world. My favorites are the ones that include suggestions to make them scarier when read aloud, by screaming at the end of the story or pouncing on your friend. There are multiple ways to enjoy the Scary Stories series, including a movie adaptation by the same name and a tribute to the original called Don't Turn Out the Lights.

If you enjoyed those scary stories, be sure to check out Spooky Stories for A Dark & Stormy Night compiled by Alice Low with both traditional and original scary stories told by favorite children's authors including Bruce Coville, Alice Low and Laurence Yep.

Imagine moving to a spooky town filled with ghosts and spirits. Andres Miedoso's family has done just that, and he's afraid of everything. Luckily, his new best friend is next-door neighbor Desmond of the Ghost Patrol. With 11 books for emerging readers in the Ghost Patrol series, these are perfect to count down the nights to Halloween. The funny and scary adventures start with The Haunted House Next Door.

Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories and Shadow in the Woods and Other Scary Stories are sure to make you shiver like Mister Shivers warns in his introductory letter. Warning: Only the brave should pick up these short but very spooky, gory tales.

I love Chicago history, a good mystery and ghost stories. I couldn't help but jump on the ghost-themed Chicago bus tour featured in Scritch Scratch by local author Lindsay Currie. Open this book to discover what terrible thing followed Claire home. As a budding scientist, she does not believe in ghosts or anything paranormal. Will Claire have a change of heart by the end of this bone-chilling ghost mystery?

We may not be able to visit haunted houses this year, but we can still read eerie haunting tales exploring them like Haunted Houses. If you're looking for more shivery tales, check out more of Robert San Souci's ghost stories.

What's your favorite scary story to read in the dark?