Library Use Guidelines

Chicago Public Library locations are free and open to anyone who enters our doors. However, we ask that all patrons not:

  • Engage in any illegal activity or behavior
  • Vandalize library facilities, equipment or materials
  • Enter without shoes or shirt
  • Bring in animals except service animals
  • Harass other library users or library staff (physical, sexual or verbal abuse)
  • Sell, solicit, panhandle or loiter
  • Distribute leaflets or post notices not authorized by the library administration
  • Eat, smoke or sleep
  • Bring in alcoholic beverages or beverages in uncovered containers
  • Leave children unattended
  • Talk loudly or make noise that other library users can hear
  • Bathe, shave or wash clothes
  • Bring in more than two bags or any bag exceeding 36” x 18” x 12”
  • Block aisles or shelving with personal items or leave such items unattended at any time
  • Remove library materials from the building without charging them out
  • Enter the library if you have neglected your bodily hygiene so that it gives offense and constitutes a nuisance to other patrons
  • Use another person’s library card number without that person’s permission as doing so is expressly forbidden and is subject to prosecution
  • View child pornography as it is illegal and subject to federal and state prosecution

Persons who fail to observe these guidelines may be asked to leave the building or may be subject to arrest.