January Reading Challenge: Best of the Best

T-shirt with map of Chicago made up of names of all CPL's locations

Adults, read along with us this winter and be entered in a drawing for a Chicago Public Library T-shirt or a copy of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, this year's One Book, One Chicago selection. This month, read a book we recommended as the Best of the Best 2016. Or, read one of our past Best of the Best […]

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Caught Reading: Downtown, November 2016

The back of a Red Line train leaving an underground station

One thing I love about working downtown is the variety of ways you can get to an errand or a date with a friend. If the sun's shining, it's perfect for a walk. Short on time? There's a bus pulling up now. Rush-hour traffic's a mess? Don't worry, the train's coming down the tunnel. These short hops are a great time […]

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Cartoonist’s Memoirs Feature Travel, Food, Chicago

Whether you love stories of Chicago, travel, food or everyday life, the Windy City's own Lucy Knisley has a comic book-style memoir sure to appeal to you. And her clean line drawings and conversational tone make her books a great choice for readers new to graphic novels. Raised in New York, the cartoonist graduated from the School […]

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Caught Reading at the Beach, July 2016

Chicago beach filled with people, high-rises in the background

What could be better than catching up with a good book while sitting on the beach? Maybe the people watching? On a couple recent weekends, I combined these two beach favorites: I caught you reading along our beautiful lakefront. Your interesting and wide-ranging book choices were perfect for inspiring other readers. I caught you matching your reading […]

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5 Articles: Declutter Your Life

photo of very plain clock

Have you already read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I finished that and Marie Kondo's follow-up, Spark Joy, but once I KonMari'd (shorthand for Kondo's method of getting rid of stuff and organizing your remaining possessions) my closets and cupboards, I wanted to do more. With my apartment tackled, what else could I declutter? Here's a look […]

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5 Articles About Zika

Aedes mosquito, the type of mosquito that carries the Zika virus

Troubling news stories about Zika are everywhere, but what do you need to know about the virus as we head into summer? Here's a look at five recent articles about the facts and science of the disease. You can read these articles using CPL's Online Resources, but I've also noted if an article is available freely on the web. "What […]

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Sandburg Award Honors Erik Larson, Scott Turow

Erik Larson and Scott Turow

Bestselling authors Erik Larson and Scott Turow will receive this year's Carl Sandburg Literary Award from the Chicago Public Library Foundation and the Chicago Public Library. The Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner will feature Larson and Turow on Wednesday, October 26 at The Forum on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Best […]

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5 Articles: Twitter Turns 10

Twitter bird

Social media giant Twitter turns 10 on Monday, March 21, marking a decade of changing our world in many ways—from how we keep up with friends to how we report customer service issues to how we relate to people we admire. In honor of this double-digit birthday, let's take a look at some of the latest news on […]

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Exonerated Prisoners Share Their Stories

Living Justice book cover

It seems like everyone is talking about the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer. In addition to debates about the specifics of Steven Avery's and Brendan Dassey's cases, the series also inspires conversations about exoneration, as Avery was exonerated in 2003 after spending 18 years in prison for a 1985 sexual assault he didn't commit. […]

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