Administrative Staff

Chicago Public Library organizational chart

Library Commissioner Brian Bannon portraitBrian Bannon, Commissioner

Since March 2012, Brian Bannon has served as the Chicago Public Library commissioner. As the chief executive officer, he is responsible for the 80 libraries that serve Chicago’s 2.6 million residents. With more than 11 million visitors in 2013, CPL is the largest and most visited civic institution in Chicago and is among the largest public library systems in the United States. Prior to this role, Bannon held a variety of leadership positions within the San Francisco Public Library, Seattle Public Library and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bannon is active in work related to information access, public technology and the digital divide. He earned his bachelor of arts from Pacific Lutheran University and a master of library and information science from the University of Washington iSchool.

Andrea Sáenz, First Deputy Commissioner

Baronica Roberson, Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Finance

Mark Andersen, Director, Learning and Economic Advancement

Michael Baker, South District Chief

Teri Campbell, Director, Finance

Craig Davis, Director, Cultural and Civic Engagement

Jeremy Dunn, Director, Teen Services

Rodney Freeman, Director, Woodson Regional Library

Michelle Frisque, Chief, Technology, Content and Innovation

Mary Jo Godziela, North District Chief

Maria Kellner-Ligammari, Director, Procurement

Diane Marshbank-Murphy, Director, Engagement and Special Projects

Elizabeth McChesney, Director, Children's Services

Andrew Medlar, Assistant Chief, Technology, Content and Innovation

Annie Miskewitch, Division Chief, Business, History & Sciences

Patrick Molloy, Director, Government and Public Affairs

Mary Beth Mulholland, Director, Marketing

Michael Peters, Division Chief, Humanities

Dana Revilla, Director, Sulzer Regional Library

Greg Rodriguez, Central District Chief

Jennifer Ross, Director, Human Resources

Andrea Telli, Assistant Commissioner, Neighborhood Services

John Telli, Division Chief, General Information Services