Let’s Go Crazy

Have you ever wanted to turn your back on everything and take off in such absurd directions that your actions become dangerous and offensive? No? Really? I guess I'm sorry, then. Everyone keeps telling me to stop talking like that, but there are just so many ways to ruin your life in fiction and reality, I'm amazed more […]

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Time Has Come Today

In a world of work schedules, TV schedules, phone reminders, personalized alarms and all the clocks harassing you every time you look at a wall, it's easy to forget how accustomed we are to time. We barely know what it is, but it means so much. Every now and then, it's nice to take the time to […]

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Based On a True Story

I love it when authors and filmmakers claim that their works are based on true stories. It usually means that the original story went through so many different versions, there's no way to tell anymore what's true and what's false. Fur trapper Hugh Glass had a string of bad luck in 1823 when, in the […]

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Reception and Film Screening for Artist Heather McAdams at Sulzer Regional

Comic Strips, Movie Clips & Potato Chips, an exhibition of expression by Chicago artist Heather McAdams, is on display from July 1 through July 31 in the north exhibit case on the 1st floor and in the exhibit cases on the 2nd floor of Sulzer Regional Library. The exhibit features her self-portraits, comics and needlepoint designs of country […]

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Making Movies Is Hard

Movies are fun. They have to be. They want your money. Making one, on the other hand, can be quite more difficult. That's why it's so entertaining to find out how a crowd of unrelated people pile together to set up pretty pictures on a screen. Pure Imagination is a genial retelling of the making of Willy Wonka and the […]

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Great Minds Think Alike

Great minds have never thought alike. They have a bad habit of thinking for themselves, and when you put two really smart people in the same room, sparks are bound to fly. It's fun finding out what happens when geniuses collide. Alfred Hitchcock rarely opened up to journalists or fans, but he did open up to famed French New […]

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They Shall Know Us By Our Movies

What do your movie preferences say about you? Or your era? Or your politics? Or whatever? There are plenty of critics with answers to those questions, and they've written countless books transforming movies into symbols for their respective times and cultures. Pictures at A Revolution focuses on the five Best Picture contenders of 1967: The Graduate, Guess […]

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