Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection

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Lincoln & Montrose Avenues, 1910


This collection explores Lake View Township and its evolution from an independent municipality into current Northside communities, 1860s-1990s.

More than 100 early photographs represent Lake View Township and its residents, schools, homes, businesses and everyday rituals.

Over the next 100 years, Northsiders and their neighborhoods experienced tremendous changes as evidenced by their fashionmodes of transportation and the establishment of a number of schoolschurches and social clubs.

Notable local events include moving the Our Lady of Lourdes church building across Ashland Avenue and breaking ground for the Conrad Sulzer Regional Library.

The Ravenswood-Lake View Community Collection is housed in the Northside Neighborhood History Collection at Sulzer Regional Library.

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Acknowledgment of Harmful Materials

Chicago Public Library collects images, documents and other archival materials from different communities and time periods to preserve and make available the cultural and historical record. As historical objects, some of these materials contain harmful or disturbing content. CPL presents these artifacts as an unfiltered social record and does not endorse the views expressed therein.

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