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New Year, New You: Rebirth Yourself!

Join Sky to talk about how we form our identities and how to try on a new identity that feels right for you.

Let Me Upgrade Ya: Elevating Your Personal Style

Bored with your wardrobe? Looking to tighten up your style? Wardrobe stylist Sal has you covered.

Darning for Fashion and Functionality with Emma Percy

Learn how to darn with Emma! It's a simple way to re-weave garments with fresh color and texture.

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom with Bryana Bibbs

Looking for a craft to stay busy and calm this winter? Meditate by weaving! Learn how to weave on a DIY cardboard loom.

DIY Screen Printing with Amy Yoes

Love unique prints, patterns and hand-dyed clothing? In this video, Amy Yoes shows you how to create some using household items.

Found Object Embellishments with Sky Cubacub

Learn how to sew "found object" embellishments onto garments you already own to make your clothing new and unique!

Zippers, Buttons, Hooks and Buckles with Marcus

Learn how to attach buttons, zippers, hooks, and buckles in this practical introductory DIY video by Marcus!

Hand Sew Using an Embroidery Hoop with Sew Crafty Studios

Ever wanted to learn to hand sew with an embroidery hoop? Now you can with this tutorial by Sew Crafty Studio.

Speak On It: Radical Fit with Sky Cubacub & Stephanie Skora

Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments and Stephanie Skora of Brave Space Alliance speak about gender identity and what inspires them to create.

Hand Sewing with Sew Crafty Studio

Learn how to thread a needle, start and end a running stitch, and make them tighter by backstitching with Sew Crafty Studio.

Gore Makeup with Isabella Wilhelmy from PlayMakers Lab

In this tutorial by Isabella Wilhelmy, learn how to create a bloody scar with materials you might have around the house.

Costume Makeup with Rachel Wilson of Playmakers Lab

We partnered with PlayMakers Laboratory to create a cool and easy makeup series for Halloween. Now you can watch Rachel put it altogether!

DIY Tattoo Sleeves with Brandon Cloyd of Playmakers Lab

Learn how to turn original designs into tattoo sleeves using sheer nylon hose--no painful needles required!

Masking Eyebrows with John Gilmour from PlayMakers Lab

In this tutorial by John Gilmour, learn how to glue down your eyebrows and paint fresh ones to transform your face.

Blood Moon Eye Makeup

In this tutorial by Ashley Bland from PlayMakers Laboratory, learn how to do a blood moon eye makeup look.

DIY Mask Making with Calla Bordie

Learn to make the base for a full-head mask, then alter and embellish it with found materials.
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