Winners of the Teen Winter Challenge

After careful consideration, we've selected the winners of this year's Teen Winter Challenge! Teens were asked to submit a portfolio with three original creations and an artist’s statement for the chance to win a scholarship or gift card, and we received wonderful submissions from many talented teens. So without further ado, here are this year's winners—and their original artwork!

Senior Achievement Award

Winner: Brandon T.

First runner-up: Holly S.

Second runner-up: Jonah S.

Honorable mentions

  • Justin H.
  • Leonardo P.
  • Terrell M.

Young Artist’s Award

Winner: Yulisa O.

First runner-up: Haley C.


Pray for Paris,
as the lives of children are destroyed in America,
the land of the free,
who will never make it to college,
who will never have their first kiss,
for policemen with guns are just
another ticking time bomb.

Pray for Paris,
as Middle Easterners are slaughtered
by their own kind and when
they try to escape the terror, they are rejected,
for their skin is too similar to the enemy.

Pray for Paris
as social media throws up
their French flags, never making
efforts to share the tragedies
of dark skinned people.

Pray for Paris,
because you say all lives matter,
but you only include white
in your definition of all.

Second runner-up: Cam C.

Honorable mentions

  • Assata M.
  • Maya H.
  • Miguel L.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and congratulations again to all the winners!