The Truth About Spiders

News Literacy Summer Learning Challenge

spider web
Source: Ervins Strauhmanis, Flickr

Spiders may seem creepy to some, but their existence is vital to the earth. Most spiders don't harm humans; they help them by keeping gardens free of pests. They also help recycle dead animals and plants back into the earth. Spiders are also a food source for many small mammals, birds and fish. What would happen if all spiders were suddenly gone from the earth?

Focus Questions

  1. What do spiders eat?
  2. How do spiders capture their prey?
  3. When do spiders become a pest themselves?

Think About It

  1. What makes spiders different from other insects?
  2. How do spiders help humans?
  3. How do we effect spiders? Are "city" spiders effected by noise pollution?

Suggested Books

The Spider and the Fly


Silk & Venom

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