Mythical Creatures: Art Exhibit by Sharon Gissy at 3 CPL Locations

Sharon Gissy, a local artist with bipolar disorder, is exhibiting her collection of works titled Mythical Creatures at West Pullman Branch through May 31.

The exhibit was arranged by the Chicago Public Library’s Diversability Committee in celebration of the contributions and achievements of individuals with disabilities. The exhibit was previously on display at Austin-Irving, January 1 to March 31, and Edgewater, April 1 to April 30.

Artist Statement

“I have always painted creatures, either from life or lately, from mythology. For many of us, mythical creatures represent a world first glimpsed in childhood that can be simultaneously fascinating and frightening. In my mythical creatures, I've tried to capture what is actually human, animal-like or relatable about them, so that we can see a little of our world reflected through the fantasy. Creatures cannot help the way they are made, and a gorgon must get lonely turning everyone they stare at to stone. My hope is the spectator can empathize with creatures they may once have thought of as only monsters or curiosities and begin to imagine what they must live like.”