Imagine Doing More with Chicago Botanic Garden!

As part of Imagine Doing More!, Chicago Botanic Garden presents a series of four unique, hands-on workshops at CPL locations across the city:

Chicago Botanic Garden also challenges teens this summer to improve their natural environment and Defend Chicago’s Native Pollinators! You may be familiar with bumblebees and honeybees, but did you know that Illinois boasts 500 species of native bees!? Genetic diversity is a key component to sustainable ecosystems, and the work of Chicago Botanic Garden's Plant Biology and Conservation Center has revealed that bees can thrive in urban environments if humans help instead of harm their habitats.

Pick up a copy of the 2018 Teen Summer Challenge, Imagine Doing More! booklet between June 1 and September 1 to find out more about how to take action and get involved, ranging from creating posters to support native pollinators or desiging ideal garden spaces for them. Share photos or videos on social media with @chipublib and @Chicagobotanic using the hashtags #ImagineAtCPL and #CPLTeens.