Exhibit Celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month at Harold Washington Library Center

Susan Sontag sitting in wooden chair at wooden table with bookshelves in the background
Susan Sontag photographed in her home 1979, opens a new window by Lynn Gilbert / CC BY-SA 4.0, opens a new window / cropped from original
Susan Sontag is the scholar responsible for popularizing the term "camp" in her essay "Notes on 'Camp.'" Photo by Lynn Gilbert, 1979.

The Library is Open, an exhibit celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month, will be on display from June 1 to June 30 on the 3rd floor of Harold Washington Library Center.

Every community defines itself through its terms, and The Library is Open offers a glimpse into the vocabulary of the LGBT community. Through a selection of 15 terms, this exhibition invites patrons to learn the lingo that many queer people use to show their pride.

The Library is Open is presented by the LGBT Committee and is one of many programs and activities open to the public.