Celebrate Summer Learning July 8 to 13

Did you know that children who aren't engaged in learning over the summer can lose up to two months of skills they have already learned? Chicago Public Library is partnered with the National Summer Learning Association to help children keep learning over the summer. Children can take part in National Summer Learning Week and explore different ways to learn each day. Find lots more summer learning programs, resources and activities when you join Chicago Public Library’s Explorers at Play Summer Learning Challenge.

On Monday, kids and families are invited to share their summer story of how they are learning. Come together at your local branch to share a story time.

Tuesday is Discovery Day, a great day to try a STEAM program. We've got plenty of programs featuring science, technology, engineering, arts and math happening today. Check one out!

Masterpiece Day encourages kids to get creative and do something artsy. Express yourself at one of these programs celebrating arts, crafts and ingenuity.

On Thursday,celebrate Future Leaders Day and think about what comes next. For many parents and kids, that's starting school in the fall. Use NSLA's Be A Learning Hero resources to help your child stay engaged over the summer and be ready for school in September.

Friday is a great day to celebrate Bookworm Day here at the library. Find a book that works for you on our Explorers at Play book lists for kids birth to 5, 6 to 89 to 13 and for the whole family.

For the last day of National Summer Learning week, we'll be getting moving and staying healthy on Winning at Wellness Day. Stop by and play at a library program today for a chance to build with blocks, play outdoor games or learn to yo-yo.

What activities have you done to keep learning all summer long?