Celebrate STEAM Week with Chicago Public Library

We’ll kick things off and celebrate STEAM Week with with librarian Alexa and librarian Megan. Read about sound, sing about sound and see some fun science experiments.

Want to stay in during STEAM Week? Try a video!

  • For the youngest kids, Ms. Teresa will show you how to make dancing rice
  • Here's one way to make a DIY sound maker out of a paper plate with Ms. Kimberly
  • Mr. Aldo's baking soda art is a fun and fizzy activity to do while you listen to music
  • For even more fun, Chicago Public Library's YouTube has a whole playlist of STEAM videos showing you how to try STEAM at home with materials you probably already have

Check out books from our STEAM Week book list for more books to read any time!

This program was made possible in part by Peoples Gas; the IEEE-Chicago Section and the S&C Electric Company Foundation; Norfolk Southern; and other generous donors to the Chicago Public Library Foundation.