Art Exhibits by Cathy Quintero and Erika Doyle at Independence Branch

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Independence Branch hosts artwork by Cathy Quintero and Erika Doyle from October 1 to October 31. Quintero's Textiles y Tenis and Doyle's ¡Tengo Tanto Tango! celebrate South American roots.

Artist Statements

Cathy Quintero

As an Ecuadorian-American teacher and mixed media artist, born and raised in Chicago, my work addresses ways cultures remain the same, adapt and change in a technology-driven world. These changes are portrayed by combining traditional and contemporary techniques, materials and themes. 

This series on paper is an homage to my childhood of growing up in Chicago and traveling to Ecuador in the summers. Each is hand drawn with ink embellishments, using colors inspired by the liveliness of the craft markets. It depicts how culture is a part of everything we do, of who we are, even how children play.

Erika Doyle

¡Tengo Tanto Tango! is a collage of mixed media with Argentine flair, tango spirit and colorful emotion.